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When making a suggestion, if you already know the solution then tell us.

Suggestions on the same subject are grouped, but if any of your pertinent points are missing do please let us know

Also if anyone has something to add contact us with your ideas

Current progress is published on the notice board in the lobby and the Committee Reports page here. Committee Reports

1: Fire

Replace the heat detectors with smoke alarms, and replace the control panel to show the location of the alarms that have been triggered, also connect it to the elevators so each car descends to the ground floor ready for the arrival of the fire department. Maintain and renew fire extinguishes and fire hoses where necessary, fit fire doors on each stairwell (every floor) to provide a safe exit

Test equipment and systems regularly

2: Lifts

Repair / renovate all the lifts and keep maintained to ensure constant operation, eventually replace each one and install a service lift at the rear of the condo as soon as funds are available.

3: Emergency Power

Install an emergency generator to run the alarm systems, emergency lights, and power at least one elevator in the event of power failure.
4:Building infrastructure

Check and repair the building infrastructure where necessary, maintain the drains to stop smells rising into rooms and water collecting on the roof, repaint the outside of the condo as soon as funds are available.

Replace all the floor tiles in the corridors, they were only laid a couple of years ago but have started lifting already

5: Finances

Publish a monthly statement of accounts to show us where our money is being spent

6: Car Park

*Issue carparking stickers to residents* and stop people parking who have no connection with the condominium especially on market days, have visitor parking slots, remove seemingly abandoned vehicles, stop motorbikes using the footpath down to Family Mart, replace the speed ramps to slow the traffic down,

Paint arrows to send traffic in the correct direction, repaint the lines to show where parking bays are

*Provide a secure place to store bicycles ie: bike rack*

7: Security

Ensure proper use of security personnel and stop them acting as a police force when they see young people entering with adults, and *stop storing information of guests on computer unless prompted to do so by the resident** As there are so many more guards than before please post their names for identification purposes and complaints*

8: Cleanliness

Rid the condo of termites that are apparently behind the black strips along the corridors, Stop contractors leaving rubbish / rubble against the corridor walls

*Force residents to remove any items that are being stored in corridors, either take inside their room of take to the garbage collection point located on each floor*

Replace the old rubbish bins on each floor near the main stairwell and have re-cycle bins to stop the cleaners sorting through rubbish each morning.

9: Condo employee's

Confirm the job titles and duties of all employee's of the condo

10: Reception area

Make the reception area more welcoming for residents and visitors, by renovating /remodeling the whole area and removing old notices from windows and around the lifts

*Provide a board for residents to display personal items for sale*

Replace all the old canopy's that cover the walkways approaching reception, and extend the canopy at the entrance over the road so passengers can enter cars without getting wet

Extend the ramp and make a more gentle slope to assist the old and disabled in wheelchairs

Create a coffee shop area and allow residents to become more sociable

11: Social behavior

Encourage people to be polite and have consideration for other passengers when traveling in the lifts, and *keep noise to a minimum by closing doors that open onto the corridors*

12: Television

Improve the signal quality of the cable system to all rooms and stop charges for fitting satellite equipment if there is no actual cost to the condo

13: Animals

Care for the animals in the carpark and have a donation box for food and healthiness of the cats and dogs

Get rid of the cats and dogs around the condo to stop the feces in the carpark being spread around by car tyres and pedestrians

14: Wat Chaimongkol

Ensure the unsightly carpark wall facing floors 1 to 4 in the condo is painted, Ask for the noise from the loud speakers to be turned down prior to the days when there are events in Wat Chaimongkol

*Have Perigrin falcons nest on the condo roof to eat all the pigeons in the temple*