Pattaya weather and Thailand exchange rates

We have a lot of work ahead and it seems a lot of expense to put our elevators into a condition that is safe and more efficient

Fire fighting equipment and alarm systems are being inspected, tested and and will be upgraded where necessary

Lightening conductor copper wire will be replaced
Plans are going ahead to upgrade our elevator cars to a high standard and make them pleasent to ride in
The whole condo can be transformed with a paint job
A new planned maintenance program will stop problems before they occur
We can improve the appearence of our Electric meters and breaker switches
Lets get sights like this covered

We are getting quotes to install modern bins, which will enable us to recycle some of our waste and do our best for the environment

We have the opportunity to renovate the reception area to match high-end condos, as first impressions count.
Replacing old signage and canopy's will improve the aesthetics of the building

Wouldn't it be nice if all the canopy's were the same style

(one day when funds permit replacement it will be proposed to replace them)


Lets allow our security to make the entrances more controllable and enhance our safety, new barriers have been approved, but not yet ordered until we are sure we can get the best possible price


Proposed changes to the gate area

other ideas are welcome

A beautiful view spoilt only by the immediate surroundings
More of the roof area
We need to define our parking spaces better and encourage parallel parking so we utilize the whole car park
Inconsistent pavements do not allow a nice approach into the condo
2 Years after the building is completed and Center Condo residents still have to look at this eyesore, we must act in their interest to get it painted