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The main water tank has been drained and cleaned by Khun Kanung and her team at the start of the deep clean mission

Quite a large amount of sediment had settled over the last 2 years, as can be seen in the photos of the water on the roof

This was the start of an overhaul of our water system, prior to the water meter cleaning and servicing program

Fire and emergency lighting equipment has been replaced where required

The cages around the electric meters and breaker switches have all been painted improving their appearance
However the last two photos showing the breaker switches enclosed in a wooden cabinet vastly improves the whole area
(this was paid for by a resident at no cost to the condo) but in time when funds permit it would be nice if every floor was the same

Work on the lifts is on going and although residents don't really see any difference yet, The OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY <THAILAND>  LIMITED is working in the control room and lift shafts, all the double call panels have been replaced, and work has started on the single call panels 

After many months our elevators are finally finished

Just a shame someone has been removing the chrome screw covers that hold the mirrors on the wall

Now we have more expense due to mindless Vandalism

Trees have been pruned to avoid damage to the parking canopy's and Khun Kanung and her team clean and prepare the car-park, ready for the major painting work, of walls, canopy's and kerb stones
The dark green colour look much better than the off white rusty canopy's of old and the green kerb stones round the garden areas gives a more natural look

Pattaya City Fire dept comes to Center Condo

Staff are first given a lecture and slide show followed by basic fire training on the condo roof , using diferent types of extinguishers

Replacing water pipes on the 15th floor
Disabled ramp
Car park wall